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Visions Of Change / The Depraved - Double CD

Image of Visions Of Change / The Depraved - Double CD




BACK IN STOCK AFTER SOME COPIES RETURNED FROM A DISTRIBUTOR! Focused around the nucleus of brothers Ian and Lee Murphy, THE DEPRAVED hailed from Leamington Spa and were one of the pioneer UK hardcore punk bands in the mid 80s. As their style developed and matured, the band renamed themselves as VISIONS OF CHANGE. Now for the first time their recordings are reissued and made available on CD for the first time as part of the acclaimed Boss Tuneage Retro Series. The digitally remastered double CD contains a mammoth 51 tracks, including both Depraved albums, the debut Visions Of Change album, the bands solitary Peel Session, 6 previously unreleased demo tracks plus a comp LP-only track! 10 tracks in total have never been officially released before, and all 51 appear on CD for the first time! Features a big 24 page booklet with liner notes from noted punk author Ian Glasper, as well as lyrics and many unseen photos from the bands personal collection. (Please note - the peel session tracks only appear exclusively on the CD version, and not on the download version available on ITunes!). Please note as an exclusive with copies purchased directly from the Boss Tuneage webstore, a bonus 35 min DVDR (PAL only - but will play on compuers in NTSC regions!) of THE DEPRAVED caught live at London's Fulham Greyhound on 18/10/1986 will be included as well! - only available in the copies sold directly by us from this webstore!



1. Roundabout And Swings
2. Visions Of Change
3. You Turn Away
4. Burn Within
5. Shades Of Green
6. Anymore
7. Just Dreams
8. Under One Fist
9. Muso
10. Reciprocate
11. August A Go Go
12. More Than Now
13. Be The Child
14. Day Tripper
15. Teepees In Limbo (Peel Session)
16. More Than Now (Peel Session)
17. Reciprocate (Peel Session)
18. Visions Of Change (Peel Session)
19. Roundabouts And Swings (Demo Version)
20. Under One Fist (Demo Version)
21. More Than Now (Demo Version)
22. Only For Today
23. Hey Boff
24. Mister Collector

1.New Macarthyite
2. Reject That Mentality
3. Judge For Yourself
4. Agent Orange
5. Let’s Grow Some Flowers (Together)
6. BMX boys
7. Shout
8. Purple September
9. Into The Firing Line
10. Let’s Start To Create
11. Tepees In Limbo
12. Blind Hate
13. It’ll Happen Again
14. Stupidity Maketh The Man
15. Mirror Of Society
16. Don’t Wanna Know
17. Are We Getting Through?
18. Win A Million
19. Self Centred Bastard
20. The Cause
21. The Price
22. Decide
23. Resident President
24. KKK
25. For Fox Sake
26. Fucked Up
27. 007