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Not Tonight And the Headaches - If You Were Real You'd Do Your Own Stunts Digipack CD

by Not Tonight And The Headaches




“IF YOU WERE REAL YOU WOULD DO YOUR OWN STUNTS” is the second album by NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES and follows on from their well received debut “LOVE AND OTHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” . NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES immediately take you back to a time before pop punk became a dirty word and got swept up and spat out by the mainstream. Wearing influences from bands such as FACE TO FACE, HARD-ONS and ALL/DESCENDENTS like a badge of honour, NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES actually come from Grimsby, but do their best to make you feel that its the coast of California or Sydney rather than Cleethorpes, with feel good power pop anthems and – a rarity in this genre – carefully crafted songs rather than throwaway tracks. They have played with the likes of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, FACE TO FACE, CHINA DRUM amongst many others - NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES will have you jumping round your bedroom before you know it! The album features guest appearances from Adam from CHINA DRUM and members of Canadian Pop punk legends BUM!


Digipack CD


1. If You Were Real You’d Do Your Own Stunts
2. Goodbye Kiss *
3. Thick As Thieves
4. Reasons To Smile
5. State Of Confusion **
6. I Guess This Is Progress
7. She’s With You
8. Dislocated
9. Apologies
10. Falter Ego *

* Features Adam from CHINA DRUM
** Features Andrew Molloy and Rob Nesbitt from BUM