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Joyce McKinney Experience - Love Songs For Kirk Double CD

Image of Joyce McKinney Experience - Love Songs For Kirk Double CD



BACK IN STOCK AFTER SOME COPIES RETURNED FROM A DISTRIBUTOR! For the first time JOYCE McKINNEY EXPERIENCE are available on CD! This is a stunning 45 track double CD compiles everything the band recorded, and features 21 tracks that have never been released on any format before!! CD1 contains the bands classic vinyl output from the late 80s - "Joyce Offspring" LP, "Boring Rock" 7"EP and "Cuddle This" 12" EP as well as the bands solitary Peel Session from 1988. CD2 contains the bands original demo from 1987 (four tracks of which were featured on the "Shall We Dance" 4 band comp LP), as well asthe bands EMI and Braemar Demos from 1992, which, until now, have remained unreleased on any format! The CD comes with a mighty 20 page booklet featuring all lyrics, band liner notes and tons of previoulsy unseen photos. A must for lovers of female fronted punk, or late 80s UK Melodic Hardcore! Members of the JOYCE McKINNEY EXPERIENCE also featured in DEPRAVED, VISIONS OF CHANGE and IDENTITY.

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01. Green Song
02. Meaning Of Discipline
03. Armchair Critic
04. Stuck For Words
05. Open Your Eyes
06. Profit Motif
07. Walk On Your Own
08. Forceps To Heaven
09. Older
10. Stygian Creek
11. Try
12. Tanfastic
13. Alone
14 . Lions And Tigers
15. Salt
16. In The Air
17. Real Eyes
18. Faceless
19. Strung Out
20. Mint
21. Tanfastic
22. Lions And Tigers
23. Walk On Your Own
24. In The Pink

01. Slaughter In The Faroe Islands
02. Older
03. Try
04. Stuck For Words
05. Armchair Critic
06. Thoughts Of You
07. Calling
08. Hiding
09. Hello
10. If
11. Cowboy Song
12. Forwards Backwards
13. Ghost In The Mirror
14. Hello
15. Can This Be The Time
16. Hiding
17. Overview
18. Moorbarns Lane
19. Cast A Net
20. Thoughts Of You
21. Arms Wide Open