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Hex - Poison In the System - The Demos Limited Edition CD

Image of Hex - Poison In the System - The Demos Limited Edition CD

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Sunderland’s HEX were one of the many bands to be influenced by the likes of CRASS and CONFLICT who started up in the mid 80s. Using the legendary Bunker in Sunderland as their base, the band recorded a number of different demos which led to a split 7” and compilation track on (then) newly founded Words Of Warning Records (who would later give the world BLAGGERS ITA and DUB WAR amongst others). HEX fizzled out shortly afterwards, but members of the band would re-appear , first in the early HDQ line ups, and then LEATHERFACE. HEX have never really got the attention they deserved – until now! Features liner notes from singer Pikey and unseen photos of the band, this is a rare gem from the 80s UK punk scene unearthed as part of the critically acclaimed Boss Tuneage Retro Series.


Limited Edition CD


1. Is This To Be?
2. The… No Happy Ending
3. The Meat On Your Plate
4. Wrapped In Bondage Part 2
5. As Others See It (Poison In the System)
6. The Button Is Pressed
7. Meat On your Plate
8. Wrapped In Bondage Part 1
9. Initiative
10. Corruption
11. Whose Is the Glory?
12. Black And Proud
13. Time To Decide
14. All Gods Christians